Immunity Booster & Detox Fruit Tea - Imported Lemons 30g
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Dried fruit tea is also very popular in Korea, Japan and Taiwan as Detox Water, in which it can help to reduce constipation and cleanse our body. 

You can energised yourself with your choice of citrus tea, may it be cold/warm/hot with just a few slice of mix citrus fruits. The natural goodness of the citrus fruit filled with potent antioxidant, vitamin C & minerals are at your reach conveniently~

Why should I choose TheTwoPineapples? 


We source fruits & raw materials locally first, as we would like to support local community. Nonetheless, for non-locally produced fruits, we use only in season fruits, which is freshly imported.


All healthy snacks are freshly handcrafted by TheTwoPineapples. We brought on board professional experiences & the passion of delivering quality product from Australia,Malayisa & Singapore, in hope to put up a range of wholesome nutritious products.


We carefully select fresh harvest from local farmers who also care very much at delivery good quality fruits. 
Fruits and harvest from farm are processed when they are still fresh, hence, we do not sell products make from spoiled fruits, or fruits bitten from animals.


As our air dry fruit snacks are popular among children,including our own. We cannot risk taking lower value fruits & overlook the fact that it may bring forth biological hazards contamination.


Our fruits are washed & cleaned properly first with baking soda/ salt/ or enzymatic wash (sometimes all 2 or 3 of them). Thereafter we air dry them using stainless steel industrial grade machines. We treat our products with low temperature & very long hours sometimes up to 2 days to preserve as much natural goodness & the nutritional value of the fruits especially the Bromelain enzyme specifically from pineapples. 


We sincerely hope our persistence & perseverance on the quality from raw material to processing can allow our customers to enjoy our products joyfully with a peace of mind.

As our products are freshly handcrafted, should you require a large volume of products, please do not hesitate to pre-order with us ☺