Dragon Fruit Snack
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A very interesting texture combination. 

This dragon fruit snack is deliciously chewy and crunchy at the same time. Thanks to the crunchy seeds. Good energy snack during traveling or when working overtime.

You can have it on it's own or put it as a topping on your yoghurt, granola, or even ice cream. Yum! Personally we love the lovely red/ purplish colours that came out so naturally & beautifully when we mix with yoghurt or ice cream.

No added sugar, no preservatives, no chemicals. Using premium dragon fruit freshly harvested from local farms.

Dragon fruits are rich in antioxidant. It contains Beta-Carotene, which is good for eyes and our immune system. After heat treatment, the bio-availability of this nutrient increases and is better for our body's absorption.


Product is available in different weight/ size: i.e. 20g, 40g or 60g. Please refer to the product images and select the preferred weight for purchase. 


:: Recommended For ::

Children, Pregnant Women & Old Folks   |   Computer-Screen-Huggers   |   Workaholics

*These products are handcrafted in small batches. Please pre-order this product with us should you be interested to get them as gifts for parties & events*  (=