Pineapple Snack - Salted Flavour (seasonal)
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This is our special edition flavor of pineapple! With a pinch of salt, it helps to balance the palate and is appealing to some of our pineapple snack lovers. 

By adding Pink Himalayan Salt, this also helps to give traces of natural minerals to our body. This is beneficial for athletes or people into fitness as they loose out a lot of body salt via sweat when exercising.

This is also our best seller during festive season like Chinese New Year. After so much sweet & heavy flavoured food, a simple snack like this aids digestion.


:: Recommended For ::

Athletes   |   Fitness Enthusiasts   |   Pineapple Lovers 

*These products are handcrafted in small batches. Please pre-order this product with us should you be interested to get them as gifts for parties & events*  (=