Natural Play Dough (Dough-Re-Mi, Play with Me)
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Dough-Re-Mi Play with Me

(Flour based: safe for children above 2 yo)

This range of natural play dough aims to encourage little ones to use their imagination and their creativity to make the dough into different shapes, animals, flowers or anything that they envision. 

Playing dough benefits children in many ways. Through playing dough, children convey their curiosity into exploration. Via experimenting, they get to validate their thoughts into something tangible, and when they see the object they form, there is a sense of achievement and confidence.

It also helps to enhance their fine motor skills as they develop and strengthen their hand muscles. While playing play dough, it helps to improve their pincer grip (i.e. the gripping of 1st and 2nd finger), which enhances their pre-writing skills. Additional to the natural colours used for the dough, each colour type comes with mild scent of pure essential oil that was added. This gives a calming effect to the child.


The range of play dough is made from food-based ingredients, including: flour, salt, cream of tartar, food coloring and essential oil. Safe for children should they accidentally put them into the mouth. Recommended toys for 2 years old and above. 

*These products are handcrafted in small batches. Please pre-order this product with us should you be interested to get them as gifts for parties & events*  (=



1. Can last up to 6 months or more should you store them in the fridge or keep the play dough 'clean' every time before/ after using them as they are made from food-based ingredients.

2. We encourage parents to play along with children for more quality time with them. But it can be too much fun, and if you notice that you start to take more portion of the dough than your child, we encourage you to buy a set for your own.