Revitalizing Body Scrub - Green Tea x Tea Tree
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Revitalizing Body Scrub: Green Tea x Tea Tree

Olive oil has been known for it's amazing benefits for health & skin. Now we are pairing it with real Green Tea & Tea tree essential oil to make it a superb booster for your skin. As your scrub your body with it, let the goodness of these natural ingredients soak into your skin for a while before your rinse it off.

This green-hulk coloured scrub is suitable for Men too. So peeps, if you are scratching your head for a gift for guys, this is it. 

For a  more moisturing effect, just rinse of with water. If you like it refreshing, you can always use some soap as you rinse the scrub off.


*These products are handcrafted in small batches. Please pre-order this product with us should you be interested to get them as gifts for parties & events*  (=