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Zebra Stripes

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Sweet Almond oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Peppermint + Lemon grass essential oil, Charcoal powder.

::  Refreshing , Oil control , Moisturizing ::


Crafted Marbles

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Sweet Almond oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Peppermint + Lemon grass essential oil, Charcoal powder, Clay.

:: Refreshing, Oil control, Removing dead skin, Suitable for oily skin type ::




Rainbow colour ( Dancing Whale, Little Mermaid)

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Australia Walnut oil, Tea Tree oil, Clay.

:: Suitable for all skin type ::

:: Suitable for handwashing and body wash ::


Ombre colour ( Chicky Chick, Cute Bear, Kitty Cat) 

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Sweet Almond oil, Australia Walnut oil, Shea butter, Hazelnut oil, Lavender essential oil.

:: Suitable for dry skin ::

:: Suitable for handwashing and body wash ::




  • Unique solid scent, an alternate option to traditional cologne/ perfume
  • No alcohol content
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Convenient for traveling and easy to carry



Jade roller is an ancient Chinese skin care tool which helps to improve circulation, face firming, cool, and de-puff your face. Many use it for facial lifting and has seen improvements. Rolling on the face can aid in some level of lymphatic drainage as well.

This is made of natural XiuYu (Xiu Jade). It has natural translucent green veins, some of them will have natural speckles and shades of milky green. Which explains why there is no roller identical.




Handcrafted with all natural ingredients to offer a relaxing and purifying experience. Unique mix of Epsom salt & Pink Himalayan Salt along with Lavender Buds & Essential Oil.

Layered delicately in a clear glass jar, the crystal-like Himalayan rock salt is so mezmerizing. As you open the  jar, the relaxing flower smell of lavender soothes the mind and bring about calmness. 

You can mix the bath salt or pour straight into warm water in a bathtub or for a foot soak experience. Truly a pleasant gift for yourself or a friend or family.

*Special Edition: 350g Bath Salt*




Revitalizing Body Scrub: Green Tea x Tea Tree

Olive oil has been known for it's amazing benefits for health & skin. Now we are pairing it with real Green Tea & Tea tree essential oil to make it a superb booster for your skin. As your scrub your body with it, let the goodness of these natural ingredients soak into your skin for a while before your rinse it off.

This green-hulk coloured scrub is suitable for Men too. So peeps, if you are scratching your head for a gift for guys, this is it. 

For a  more moisturing effect, just rinse of with water. If you like it refreshing, you can always use some soap as you rinse the scrub off.